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"Successful people realize their expertise and focus on it. Then they get experts to help them in all other areas. The most common mistake in Business Automation is choosing the wrong software, and having to switch later. Another mistake is not selecting a partner with experience and a proven track record to make you save time and money. Many companies are on their 3rd or 4th software implementation, and repeat the same mistakes over and over. Almost everybody is automated now including your competitors."




With the best
support and service
You will leap
past your competition!

Selecting the right partner to implement and support your TeleMagic is an important decision. We provide the finest expertise and support to help companies realize the full potential of their TeleMagic investment. For over 10 years we have been recognized for offering the best Telemagic support. We offer the expertise you need to become more productive faster.

We provide 3 Priority Support Program options:

  • Telephone support is fast and easy for instant problem resolution.

  • Remote support lets us work on your system, with you on the phone simultaneously.

  • On Site support with is best when a face-to-face meeting is required.

This is the only complete automation solution custom designed to meet your needs and achieve your company's goals. To discover how this system can make an unprecedented change in your business, please call (602) 445-6370 or use the form below.


TeleMagic University is the lowest cost, individualized, hands on Telemagic training available. Our North American Telemagic University (TMU) is located in Toronto. You will find it a great way to learn more about TeleMagic.

Date: First Friday of Every Month.
This course is designed to assist you in learning to utilize the features in TeleMagic Enterprise for Windows. Its goal is to have you understand the basic features, benefits, and potential. You will learn why we say it is custom designed to help build your business.

Using TM
Date: Second Friday of Every Month.
Some set-up and customization will leverage your investment in TeleMagic to make it do exactly what you want. This course focuses on the setup decisions that you make with features, and how to use TeleMagic to your best advantage. Since business practices often change, and new opportunities are always on the horizon, you may discover a new method of making your efforts more efficient.

Advanced TM
Date: Third Friday of Every Month.
This course is designed to assist you in learning the advanced features in TeleMagic Enterprise. These advanced features enable you to control your installation and affect all users. This course is designed for "Power Users" and/or your System Administrators. Our goal is to have you understand the ways you can control your TeleMagic installation and make it the most efficient and dependable possible.

If you want superior support and training,