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"In the 21st century companies will either leverage technology to enhance relationships or be out of business. Great earnings one year will no longer guarantee long term viability as paradigm shifts occur faster than ever. Think about all those typewriter makers you never hear about anymore. The majority of companies have databases full of contact information. What sets you apart is how well you leverage technology and who you choose to partner with to meet your business objectives."


"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" - Jerry McGuire

You can reduce cost and increase profit with business process automation. The fortunes of your company depend a large measure on your ability to utilize and leverage relationships. You will sell more product by giving staff needed tools to improve communications with prospects, customers, and suppliers. As products become more like commodities, competitors put pressure on prices. Pre- and post sales support are becoming critical to meeting your customers requirements. It isn't enough to sell and deliver on time. You have to provide the right answers to keep your customers. TeleMagic's flexibility lets you work the way you want to. It is an "Office in a Box". Over 2,000 features give you great value for your money. With TeleMagic you will realize significant gains in productivity, efficiency and profits.


With TeleMagic you can expect to increase sales, customer service, and support productivity by 10% to 40%. You will improve coordination of activities within and between workgroups. You can focus on the 20% of your customers that make 80% of your profits. Inside sales and customer service can look after small or low priority accounts with automated follow up. Prioritized scheduling of activities and projects will minimize unproductive time. Everyone in the company is in a better position to give high quality service to every customer. The customer's entire contact history can be accessed on screen. This powerful tool speeds up information flow in your company and builds your entire business. With heightened productivity, let your products and services roll!


Balance and stability occur by working pro-actively rather than reactively. TeleMagic is the only major contact manager that will calculate ROI to help you allocate resources and sustain profit growth. The decision support system and accurate real time reports like Forecast vs. Actual let you see into the future. Instant shareholder records tailor communications to increase shareholder value and satisfaction. TeleMagic's central data warehouse provides a superior price performance value. A Custom Report Generator makes it easy to retrieve information exactly the way you want it. With TeleMagic's help, controlling your business is smooth sailing.

ROYAL BANK, DOW JONES, KIMBERLY CLARK and many more companies large and small use TeleMagic to increase their profits, maximize productivity, and improve business control.

This is the only complete automation solution custom designed to meet your needs and achieve your company's goals. To discover how this software can make an unprecedented change in your business, please call (602) 445-6370 or use the form below.

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